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Shanghai Canzhou Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to: Shanghai Canzhou) was established in 2006, is one of the shareholders of Shanghai Golden State Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Since 2010, Shanghai Canzhou has operated independently and was fully involved in the design, construction, operations and technology services business of solid waste field of environmental protection with the core management and technical backbone of the former Shanghai Golden State.

Shanghai Canzhou is a professional engineering company dedicated to solid waste environmental protection which was served as the solid waste R & D center of Golden State Group. Shanghai Canzhou has an experienced expert and technical management team, and has the first class of project performance and engineering experience in domestic solid waste industry which mainly covers sludge drying & incineration, industrial hazardous waste and medical waste disposal.

Shanghai Canzhou owns three sub-companies, which are Shanghai Canzhou Huayu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Canzhou Zhangze Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Norotaeil Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Canzhou has built several industrial R & D and manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu and maintained a close relationship with government, well-known enterprises and institutions of university, to achieve an implementation of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation mechanism.

Shanghai Canzhou takes "Better environment, better life" as the core concept of development, executes with an operation mechanism of unremitting efforts, wise enterprising and pragmatic efficient, to enhance industrial key competitive advantage by accelerating product innovation and advanced engineering quality. As a comprehensive expert to solve problems in the field of solid waste on environmental engineering, Shanghai Canzhou will provide one-stop professional services, participate actively in creating a green community, and build a better home planet. At the time of making the creation of company's economic benefits, Shanghai Canzhou takes more responsibilities of commitment on building a harmonious society.


  • industry scrap+medical scrap
    industry scrap+medical scrap
  • Sludge drying and incineration
    Sludge drying and incineration
  • Waste Incineration
    Waste Incineration


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address:Shanghai City, Putuo District No. 261 Tong Pu Lu (Zhejiang Lucheng - iron Changfeng Center) 15F. Code:200062 Tel:021-20232913*8004 Fax:021-20232911